Preparing Kids for Real Life with Agile

As a mom and an agile practitioner, I am very passionate about Scrum in education. I strongly feel that our education system is dated and doesn’t train kids how to be the knowledge workers they need to be in today’s society and in the future. We are still using command and control teaching methods. Our focus is too much on testing and not enough on innovating.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to give back to high school students from Blueprint Education. These teens are considered ‘at risk’ and the school has found that using agile and Scrum-based learning is just what these kids need to succeed.

Through Blueprint Education’s Learning to Be Agile initiative, I put my “Scrum team” to work. The video below was shown to these high school students as a way to provide them some practical application of agile in their lives.

I hope you can join me in helping educate our communities about the benefits of Scrum in the classroom.

Enjoy the video, which was produced and edited by my three kids, ages 12, 10 and 8.

scrum video


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