Client Recommendations

bby“Stacey came into my Product Team as a Scrum Master to manage the agile releases. She empowered the team in their roles to deliver what they needed to in each Sprint. She built trust in the team by recognizing their individual skills and allowing them to utilize them -to execute on their work. Stacey was a good advocate for the team and an advisor in helping mitigate difficult situations. She brought clarity to areas that needed more definition and organizational structure to the team.”

-Jeff Johnson, product owner @ Best Buy 

StaNucivic-logocey helped my company through a difficult transitional period. There seemed to be no challenge she couldn’t help resolve- how do we incorporate Agile with clients who aren’t familiar with it? We are currently undergoing a merger, how can we preserve our team structure? She educated everyone from developers to sales on how to effectively use Agile, and weaned us off bad habits we’d developed in our misunderstanding of scrum. She was infinitely patient and dealt well with resistant personalities, turning challengers into key supporters. Her support was invaluable.”

-Anne McNally, ScrumMaster @ NuCivic

logo-thomsonreuters“Stacey very quickly came on board a new project, introduced some critical process changes to reduce risk and noise on the team, and brought healthy structure to the team’s approach. She will be greatly missed!”

-Jennifer Simmonds, program director @ Thomson Reuters

usb“I worked with Stacey on a complex and fluid project that was visible to our customers. She impressed me with her ability to adapt and ferret out the right decision makers through evolving players and stakeholders. She has excellent written and oral presentation skills. Her project stakeholder updates stood out for me as succinct and engaging-not our normal boring updates.”

Bonnie Doerr, vice president at US Bank

nerdery-interactive-labs-logo“Stacey has been our primary contact at The Nerdery. She has done an excellent job coordinating the development team working on our projects this past year. She is smart, creative and professional, plus a delightful person to interact with. Stacey created a process that optimized our development cycle, saving us time and money. I highly recommend her.”

-Judy Roberts, president / co-founder at iZento